In 1940 Cees van der Valk founded the company on the current location at Naaldwijk by growing various kinds of vegetables. After many years being active within the company the sons Fons and Ben van der Valk became partners in 1977 and took over the company 7 years later. On behalf of Fons and Ben the switch from vegetables to pot plants have been made and production have been sold by several Dutch auctions. In 1988 they specialized more on production of patio plants and direct sales. The brand ‘Patio Plant' have been registered in 1990 and followed up with the introduction of a packaging line with instant point of sale concepts. Thanks to the investment on a long term relationship with her customers and the innovative way to offer a wide as possible product range Van der Valk BV has become a retail nursery with an actual growing area of 120.000m2. In order to guarantee continuity and to achieve further growth in future within the current organization the next generation will be ready to follow up.

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