To inspire you next to your own creations and to give an idea of the countless capabilities of the terrace you can find some beautiful atmosphere impressions here.


As lively as the city

By a large variation of species and colours, you will create a natural atmosphere in your garden and plants like Brugmansia, Hydrangea, Lantana, and the Acacia that are prancing with their flowers are providing you a good humour everyday.
These plants grow in both the full sun, as in places with some shadow and they are suitable for each environment.

In the shelter

Through the use of light colors and a lot of green your garden will get a Mediterranean character and you will create a relaxed atmosphere in your courtyard, just like this inner court!

A warm welcome

The smallest changes make the biggest differences, the Solanum rantonetti will receive you cheerful with open arms. - Webdesign: JEM-id